The world’s a stage

I have often thought of the words of Shakespeare, “this world’s a stage and we are all actors.” and I believe that he was right. From a very early age we begin to be prepared   for our roles. Did we really ever choose the primary school and the teachers who influenced and the adults who helped to form us and make us in a great deal of who we turned out to be as an adult?  Why are we drawn to chose some people as friends and others not so. Some individuals we want close and others we would rather not.. Did we really have a chance to arrange our selected genes and to develop certain allergies and to choose things like weaknesses of the heart or difficult illnesses like bipolar or so many others that are found in many children today.?

There is a story in the Gospel of St. John Chap. 9:1 “As Jesus walked along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned; he was born blind so that God’s works may be revealed in him.” Then Jesus healed him. So I conclude that this man’s role was to be blind and Jesus’ role was to heal him!

If I accept to give a talk,or to do a ceremony of marriage or a funeral. I take it seriously as a role I am asked to do and as such I must perform properly. The actor enjoys being on stage. He enters into his role, forgetting for a time who he is in ‘real life’ and perfoms. The role was must be studied at times and reflected upon and a discernment has to be made as to whether one can really play the role or should it be left for another. Once the decision is made and we play the role, we know, when we are fully in it, “this is perfect for me”.

And so there is a joy in acceptance and a peace of mind in heart as we perform, we ‘render service’ joyfully and the ‘audience’ feels it and accepts it also joyfully. We can apply this to all the roles we are called to play in life, sometimes as ‘lovers’ or husbands or wives, as mothers or fathers, as teachers or pupils, sons and daughters or grandparents and nannies. They are all roles but they are esential if the play has to go on and if the audience has to enjoy. The appreciation of the applauding audience resounds in our own hearts.

There are roles that I have played in life and are recorded on camera and from time to time I may show a photo of myself on stage. Sometimes its good to stand out of our little self and look at the actor and become for a moment someone in the audience….what a joy it was to have been so challenged, to have worked so hard and to have had an audience that enjoyed the play. Does not this give an incentive to life?. And one may ask “but why was this role given to me?” Maybe the only answer now is “for the audience to learn” and one day we will know fully the answer and our joy will be complete.


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