have you ever….


“Its typical of India you know”  said Fr.Bede.

 There are some very beautiful things of India which maybe are as  slow in changing as the ox-cart in certain areas.
 I think of the beauty of the rice-fields in the South, in the beautiful Kerala district.
I think of the way they place the two palms together to welcome you or I think of the young boy with palms together and eyes closed as he worshipped.
I think of the warm welcoming smiles on their faces. No matter how poor the farmer and is his wife are, the beauty of their hearts in welcoming a stranger to share a cup of tea.
I think of the beauty of the colorful women’s saris and men coming off the train on arrival in Delhi, with immaculate white ‘pyjama courtas’.
I think of the early morning smell of jasmine and  sandal wood incense, the sound of the conch and the bells, sounds that rise early and in the morning prayers as the mist lifts from the valleys and the daily prayers rise with the sun.
 I think of the beauty of the flower designs painted each day by many a house-wife to decorate the entrance to her home.
I think of the face and gait of the father I saw, holding in his arms, his dead  baby daughter as he led the funeral to the river for the last ablutions.
I think of the faceof the sadhu as he sits in silent meditation.
I think of the face of the little blind girl who sang the poem of Tagore, “Day after day, O Lord of my life, will I stand before Thee ….face to face’.
There are so many things that are so beautifully typically India’s, and things that I hope will never fade, for they give us teachings and reminders that after all is said and done, there is a beauty that comes from nature, there is a beauty in simplicity, there is a beauty in silence and the world will be so sad a place without it.

3 thoughts on “have you ever….

  1. as i read and reflect early morning i am blessed in many ways but imagined if i had to write about my country, it won,t be the same musings….thanks for sharing…….

  2. Our T&T has many beautiful traditions which are overlooked with all the bachannal and the daily news of crime and corruption. There’s still beauty to behold and stillness to enjoy in this little island. Though Rolph’s writings want me to visit and experience India.

  3. Cheryll is so right! We must look for the beauty..simply because it exists! See how Clayton, in

    spite of his not having full eyesight, whe asked once where does he get his inspirations, he said

    it comes from inside!

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