All Rivers flow… the Sea

Here is Mooji

The Darshan of another great teacher of our times who makes the teachings so easily accessible without our even having to leave our homes or travel to India or anywhere.

How lucky we are! He is perpetuating, in our times, the teachings of the greatest. It is as if the great Ramana Maharshi sat in our living room, through a tiny computer and said :
“Ask yourself the question, who am I?”

The bodies of the saints come and go… ever since the beginning of time, their teaching is always present…always alive……Love makes it available

Prayer by Mooji


Let our minds be entirely empty of the noise of the world. Let us remain ever-centered inside the pure heart of Being.

For there is nothing other than What Is.

Therefore, today let us chant the Holy Name.

Let us sing with joyful hearts in gratitude and praise to the Supreme Lord of the Universe. For our joy is abundant, and our heartlight is brightened only by that which is our own Source.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om.

Everything is Passing

When a raindrop is falling towards the ocean

There may be fear of dissolution

But when it touches the ocean

Can it tell?

Can it tell the story, the story, the story of this meeting

Om Namah Shivaya

When a river is flowing toward the sea

There may be some hesitation

It will lose its individual name

Where will we find the Ganga, the Amazon in this Great Ocean?

Om Namah Shivaya

Can we fall in love with a cloud?

And if we do, how long will it last?

Everything is passing

Om Namah Shivaya  (Composed by Shankara Karunkara) Inspired by Mooji’s teachings

“Open your arms to all of
this… Don’t calculate, don’t
try to be an architect in your
own life and you will see how …more


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