rice fields and dreams

“He who dwells in the fire,
He who dwells in the heart
He who dwells in the sun
He is One
The man who knows this,
he verily attains
The Oneness of the One
(The Vedic Experience p 667 Maitt UV1, 17)”

I found this beautiful book, a translation of the Vedas by Raimundo Pannikar, in the library in Shantivanam and I used to love to go there to read.  There was a man from the village who would come in and while I was reading, he would prostrate himself fully, face down on the floor.
This morning he came in and I was waiting, for as soon as he was down, I who was barefoot, slipped out quietly and from the gallery I watched. As usual he would stay for at least two minutes and so he did, and when he got up he was shocked for I had disappeared.!

A few days since my return and was well rested and so this morning I went to the little village and rented a bicycle and rode into town to the Post Office. It was a sunny, yet breezy day and the sun shone on the coconut leaves and glimmered in the water in the rice paddies. I was humming a tune I heard at mass that morning. I loved the way it was celebrated here with organ and drums and singing in Sanskrit. After all, Jesus was a Jew and in his time, the Psalms of David were sung with drums and cithar!

The name for Lord in Tamil is Iraivaa nd I can still remember the first verse of a hymn I loved so much:
Iraiva itho oru kanickai ,  Thanthoun emmaiye adheva  (maybe some words are not spelled correcty)

So I am whistling and singing and suddenly i realise I have an audience of some kids following on another bicycle behind.  They are always in the sun and some working helping their parents at times in the rice fields and so their skin is very dark and their teeth, the whitest!

One kid calls out something in his Tamil language and i say the only two words I know which are Tamil Tyriad,which means “I don’t speak Tamil!” and with that, they burst out laughing!

The next day I receive a surprise visit as the three French kids I shared a compartment on the train, came to visit.  Gerome, Catherine and Isabelle. they were dressed Indian-style, in courtas which are far more comfortable than jeans in this country. Gerome still has many questions. They are working on a project to help the Harijans, or “untouchables”  who are still very present in India. They told me that they were helping to construct a village for them, just outside Pondicherri.
We went for a walk near the river side and after a while, we sat under a eucalyptus tree chatting and in a short while a group of about six men, out of curiosity sat close by, staring at us. They never heard French spoken before, (I guess). These kids were so enthusiastic as they explained their desire to make life better for these poor people.

I had a dream that night and I wrote it down.
I was travelling somewhere and came to a hotel which resembled very much our family house when I was a kid. I was accompanied by a friend and we took a room and then went out to eat in a restaurant. When we came back, we were searching and could not find the room.

I decided to search by going into each room and finally I opened a door and there were two police officers and they hand-cuffed my friend and accused us of entering without permission. They were not able to hand -cuff me and I stayed at a distance getting ready to run.

They told me that they would release my friend if I was able to find the correct room. I rushed out into the corridor and looking at the key chain could not read the number on the key. I began searching the rooms again and on opening a door, I saw my grand mother in one of the rooms and she was doing some sort of exercise, maybe Yoga.

I said “Granny, do you know the number of my room?” and she replied “Your room’s in heaven!”
I thought she was senile and I thanked her and left.

Then I saw a man delivering bread and I asked him if he could read the number on my key chain and he looked at it and said “Your room is Number sixty-five!”

I went back to the room where the police officers were holding my friend and discovered that the door was locked. I climbed up the door and was going through the window above and was arguing with them when all of a sudden I awoke.

The bell was ringing..time for meditation!

I hope you enjoyed my dream!


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