refreshing notes

This body tells of one sovereign remedy for all ills:

God. Trust in Him, depend on Him, accept whatever happens as His dispensation, regard what you do as His service, keep satsang, think of God with every breath, and live in His Presence.

Leave all your burdens in His hands and He will see to everything; there will be no more problems.

~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

It is interesting to note that Sri Ananda Mayi speaks of ‘this body’ in reference to herself. She does not say “I am telling you” but rather “this body tells’.

When the young man from Europe said to the saint called “The Beggar”, “I don’t know the Father”, the Beggar said “when you are hungry, do not say ’I am hungry’, but rather ‘this body is hungry’. If you do this regularly, you will discover the Father”.

St Francis of Assisi used to refer to his body as “brother donkey”. Sometimes he would say “we have to give some rest to brother donkey as he is tired”, and he would take rest.

So I was reading from a book about Nisirgadata which was given to me and I found these notes in my journal:

Question: How does one shape one’s character?

Nisirgadata replies: By seeing it as it is and being sincerely sorry. This integral seeing-feeling. can work miracles.It is like casting a bronze image: metal alone, or fire alone will not do: nor will the mold be of any use; you have to melt down the metal in the heat of the fire and cast it into the mold.’

Question:  I find it rather hard to grasp what exactly do you mean by saying that you are neither the object nor the subject. At this very moment as we talk, am I not the object of your experience? and you the subject?

Nisirgadata: “Look, my thumb touches my forefinger. Both touch and are touched. When my attention is on the thumb, the thumb is the feeler, and the forefinger is the self.

Shift the focus of the attention and the relationship is reversed. I find that somehow by shifting the focus of the attention I become the very thing I look at and experience the kind of consciousness it has; I become the inner witness of the thing.

I call this capacity of entering other focal points of consciousness……Love. You may give it any name you like.
Love says “I am everything”
Wisdom says “I am nothing!”

Between the two my life flows. Since at any point of time and space, I can be both the subject and the object of experience, I express it by saying, ‘I am both and neither and beyond.!”

Isn’t that great! It has been so many years since he passed away (1981) and the teaching that he practiced and so strongly taught, which was so alive with Ramana Maharshi and others, is still around again today.
The teachers all have their particular way of expressing it, their particular character and flavour and today the teachings come so easily into our lives.

Have you ever listened to Mooji?  It is really worth a moment to sit and listen.
I do hope you enjoy this one:!


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