Butterfly Angels


Today I found another little book in which I wrote notes. Remember, I am sorting out things, packing boxes and getting ready to leave this apartment for another in another part of the city.
I lived here for 10 years. Prior to that, I lived in another place just after I moved out of the monastery, for  two years.

It seems my life has a 12 year cycle, so who knows I may live for another 12? I will be quite an old man then.   But I found this story I wrote 10 years ago.

It had not been very long since I moved here when one evening I took in with terrible pain and a friend drove me to the nearest hospital.  I had the gall bladder removed.
It must have been a day or so after the night after the operation and I wrote the following note.

It must have been around 4 am and I was awakened by fluttering sounds and my eyes a wee bit opened I saw these little lights and these creatures gliding across the room. They looked like night butterflies.

They glided across the room doing a thousand things. One came across and held my arm as she took my blood pressure…poof poof poof poof she pumped the little instrument and took the count. Her pen was squeaking as she wrote on the chart.

The other glided over and checked the intraveinous while sticking a little thermometer in my mouth.

Then they all formed a sort of circle as together they checked the charts, whispering to one another and soon it was all over and they began to leave.

My eyes were now wide open as though I was a kid who just spotted Santa

They were flickering out the room and suddenly the last one in line looked back at me and smiling she waved.

She had long black curls, as black as the night. It fell over her back and on to her starched white wings.

I could see her twinkling face.  It was Vietnamese.

I will not forget…..my angel butterflies.

Van Morrison - The Healing GameVan Morrison – The 


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