Photo shows the main part of my living room with drawing of St Francis surrounded by my plants and meaningful objects and photos.

This morning I was up real early and did some exercise and meditated. It was very dark and only the light of the street lamp some four floors below, cast a few designs in my living room.
After meditation I lay down for a while and fell asleep.

I now have my bed facing the East and I was up way before six, awaken by the energy of the sun rising. I can not ever remember sitting in my own living room and witnessing the miracle of the sunrise. Especially after some five days of rain and clouds.
When the sun rises everything changes, everything is revealed and changes in the sunrise. The plants’ leaves are yet greener, the flowers are brighter and the christals on the window sills become like stars.
Oh the miracle of sunrise! I feel like dancing. I have lived the past ten years in a place where I had no experience of the sunrise inside. One or two streaks came in from a spot in a window on the left and that brought some delight but now I can see it all and watch until it becomes a ball of fire and too strong to look at with naked eyes!

It’s been several weeks that I have not written here and it’s mainly because I was moving from one apartment where I lived for ten years. One can accumulate so much in ten years and it can be quite stressful to suddenly be faced with the decision of throwing away things simply because there is no room. Government papers, concerning income tax reports and bills are among the easiest things to be discarded but photographs and letters and chairs and desks, some furniture and similar objects are not that easy.

What a good exercise in knowing that one day we have to leave it all behind anyway. As someone said “you can’t go the graveyard with a uhaul following the hearse”

Although I enjoyed the neighbourhood of the other place and enjoyed the walks up the mountain and visiting the huge shrine next door, I had to leave mainly because my living space became too noisy. The walls and floors were not sound- proof and it became impossible to have a few hours of quiet sleep when people were walking all over my head with shoes way past mid-night.
I wont go into all the details except from saying, it was not healthy and so I left!

I am now in a building which was built with cement, no wooden floors, (except the wooden tiles) and am up on the  fourth floor with lots of light. It is very clean and although some-what smaller
it has all the necessary conveniences for an elderly person like myself.
The neighbourhood is quite different than Cotes-des-Neiges but it holds many an image which I hope to be able to share with you in the weeks to come.
I live within easy distance of the place called Lachine canal..see below.  Other photos to come…soon.

Here is part of an article I took off the internet. “Importance of the sun rays”
Many diseases could be healed with sun energy. Moreover, it is proved that for each disease there is a favorable time to be healed. Some diseases could be cured with more effect in May, others in June, and so on, during all the year.

“I recommend you to go out in the sunrays every morning, turning your back first to the East, then for a while to the North, then to the East again, and staying in this position for an hour, from 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning. Turn your thoughts toward God and say: “My Lord, open my mind. Give health to all people and to me too.” Then begin thinking about the most beautiful things you have ever seen. Make this experience during all the year. You will see that in 99% your experiment will be successful. When making sunbaths, your conscience has to be concentrated, you should not think about other things. You can use the following formula which to pronounce often during your sunbaths. “Lord, thank you for your sacred energy of Divine life, which you send us with the sunrays. I feel can it to penetrate all my organs and to bring everywhere power, life and health. It is the expression of Divine love towards us. Thank you.”


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Dear Rolph,
    Once again, i touch your gentle soul with this account on your moving! It touches me also because I am now in the same process, preparing to leave Côte des Neiges where I have been living for 27 years! However, I will be moving to the country near the trees and the lake and hopefully will be able to do there, this morning salutation to the physical sun and to the Celestial Sun!
    Thank you for being You , master Rolph!
    Denise xx

    • Je t’envoie l’Amour ma chre Denise.

      et je penserai de toi car dmnager est trs stressant……prends le temps de refaire la pleine en contemplant ta nouvelle demeure dans la campagne!

      Tu me donneras ta cordonne. Mon numro de tl demeure 514 735 4030 et je suis a 2850 rue St Jacques (coin de Lionel Groulx et Atwater) apt 415.

      tu viendras me visiter un jour!


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