Back from India

Here is a fun video :

People can be so beautiful, so loving, so hospitable, that they find a place in our hearts, a place that we can always find them in loving memories and a hope that one day, God willing, we will have the joy of seeing, of being with them again.

To continue, I went back to my journal written when in India. The last entry was written on the 9th September 1982. It was one year since I left Montreal and now I left India after a few days rest in Sri Lanka and returned to Montreal.

It was the year before their political uprisings and Sri lanka was like a little paradise.

I wrote how on leaving, the plane, flying low over the island, I could see the beaches, the surf, the blue waters and coco-nut trees below. I felt that somehow I could never get the chance to come back here again and so there was a nostalgic feeling in my stomach.

I had made friends and tasted the hospitality and warmth of these people and it was difficult to leave.

I like this quote:

“The paths that we walk in our lives can take us many places. Every day, as we travel from birth through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, we make choices that affect the future.
We may choose to take a broad road that has been well traveled, or we may strike out on our own into territory that few have dared.
Each choice that we make closes some paths to our feet, and clears the way into others. Each road we walk down grants us an opportunity to gain experience, which will help us the next time we have a decision to make.
Often the hardest part of reaching our goals is not the work involved, but rather the planning of choices that we must make in order to reach those goals. A traveler in a forest may know that she wants to reach a particular place on the other side of the woods. But does that mean she should take the left fork in the path, or the right? The paths themselves may twist, and the traveler cannot see down the length of each; the trees are in the way.It is helpful, when traveling in the forest of your life, to have a guide along with you. Someone who may not know where each and every trail leads, but who knows the lay of the land, and who might see a dead end before you do. Someone who can point out the nearly-hidden path that you would have missed.
This journey, this adventure, this tale we write for ourselves, is not just a means to an end; it is an expression of who we are. In looking at the choices we make, and the reasons behind them, we see ourselves reflected just as surely as if we stood before a mirror.(Liz Jacobs)
” I know not from what distant time
thou art ever coming nearer to meet me.
Thy sun and stars can never keep thee hidden from me for aye.

In many a morning and eve thy footsteps have been heard
and thy messenger has come within my heart and called me in secret.

I know not only why today my life is all astir,
and a feeling of tremulous joy is passing through my heart.

It is as if the time were come to wind up my work,
and I feel in the air a faint smell of thy sweet presence.”
“Distant Time”  by Rabindranath Tagore

We arrived in Bombay in the evening and I over-nighted and next morning took the flight back to Montreal.


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