Remembering Mother

Today we celebrate, all over the globe, Mother’s Day. I was thinking of putting a photo of her but instead, the thought came to mind that because she shines like a star in my mind, it may be fun to put, instead, a photo of a star.I would like to dedicate this to my mother who, in our family, we called “Mother”

There are a few things she said which I never forget. I may have mentioned some before but I will mention them again.

Half a loaf is better than none.

Church is in your heart.

If I did not have faith, I could not make it

Don’t dam the bridge after you have crossed it.

Purgatory?  This life is purgatory

When last I saw her in Trinidad: (she was 85 and in a nursing home)

“Rolph. lets meditate”

I said Mother, I just arrived.

She said “So what”

I saw her for the last time, three days after she passed over……in a dream. She looked beautiful

“I came to say goodbye” she said “I only have three days”

It was the third day, the day her body was buried.

Mother was Anglican and I went often to church with her.  She loved to sing and so,
I dedicate this hymn to her and to all the mothers and the Mother within our heart.


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