I have already heard it said before that when we move, it takes a while to get adjusted, and as we leave physical objects behind, there is possibility of a mental shift within us.

I believe that its almost impossible to leave places and familiar objects ‘behind’.
We carry so much like templates in our conscious physical and mental mind.

I used to have a wooden duck which stood on wheels that I could pull. It was definitely one of my favorite toys and I still have a picture of me when I was four years old, holding this duck in my arms.
Even without the picture, I can still remember so vividly this toy.

I think it is so with not only toys but especially people who were close and places where we lived. Our mind never loses them and we carry them around for all times.

Above is a picture of a beach in Trinidad where I was born and if you have travelled over the hills by car to get here and walked on these beaches and bathed in these waters, how can you ever forget?
For the salt of that sea flows in my veins and the sands of its beaches have left marks on my feet, and the air and the sun have colored and fashioned my skin and there is no way that time and place can ever wash it away.

The above is a picture of a new neighbourhood close to the market and down near the canal some roughly ten minutes from where I now live, and am settling in to the new sights and sounds. We are not far from the heart of the city and sometimes there are noises of traffic and an occasional helicopter flying over to give reports on parades etc.
The sound of police cars and ambulances are familiar as I used to live in an area close to hospitals.
Once inside my apartment is so quiet that at times one can feel more closer to the ‘observer’ and when that happens, then the other outside noises are things just passing, like life itself and there is no pain..only peace.

After the rush of the “off to work” hour in the morning all around here becomes so quiet and so peaceful and i love to walk down near the water and watch the ducks swim and smell the wild roses growing along the sidewalk opposite the colorful flower stalls and the fruit and vegetable markets.

Once in a while I would and sit and have a coffee and feel the sun slowly rise and warm us.

One evening I heard voices on the water and discovered some students learning how to paddle a canoe. They all seemed so serious.  I followed the path leading along for a good thirty minutes and was delighted to see a castor swimming on the other side. I wish the water was clean enough for humans to swim…..maybe one day!


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