JaNaGaNaMaNa-AR RaHMaN’z

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Thanks to Jahnabi Barooah’s Blog
Below are the lyrics, followed by a translation:

Jana-Gana-Mana-Adhinayaka Jaya He / Bharata-Bhagya-Vidhata / Punjab-Sindhu-Gujarata-Maratha / Dravida-Utkala-Banga / Vindhya-Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga / Uchchhala-Jaladhi Taranga / Tava Subha Name Jage / Tava Subha Ashisa Mage / Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha / Jana-Gana-Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He / Bharata-Bhagya-Vidhata / Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya He / Jaya Jaya Jaya, Jaya He

Thou art the rulers of the minds of all people, / dispenser of India’s destiny. / Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind, Gujarat and Maratha, / Of the Dravida and Orissa and Bengal; / It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas, / mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganga and is chanted by / the waves of the Indian Sea. / They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise. / The saving of all people waits in thy hand, / thou dispenser of India’s destiny, / Victory, victory, victory to thee.


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