2013-14 My Christmas….Epiphany thoughts

I am thinking that what my family and close ones share at this time comes simply from the birth of a child.  

And yet, such a simple thing makes a whole difference to my world and gives a sense and beauty and meaning to every particle of my existence

The essence of what makes me the person who I am and the very substance which nourishes my spiritual growth lies in the mystery of the child, that as I grow older in life, I am magnetically drawn to love him and surrender to his love and care.Image

So we are sharing, at this time, what we hold as most precious, we are sharing it with you whom we love, we are sharing a mystery of our spirituality, our love with you. 


Simply this, simply so. May all be at peace, may every creature be blessed, May all wars and strives be ended, may Love alone prevail. This is my wish.

(December 24th 2013)




One thought on “2013-14 My Christmas….Epiphany thoughts

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